Introducing a completely new version of Botanalytics

3 min readSep 1, 2022
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Hello again!

We were silent for a long time, but it had a good reason. We have been listening to your feedback and looking for more innovative ways to help you with your journey to conversational AI excellence.

A little bit of history

Botanalytics was founded in 2016. It was a new market and a completely new adventure to embark on. After our initial MVP, we scaled our system to process billions of messages and kept growing in 2017. After introducing pricing, we introduced Botanalytics Enterprise and started providing on-premise installations to enterprise customers in 2019.

While our users helped us grow, we were not %100 satisfied with the direction we are heading. The Conversational AI ecosystem was changed drastically with respect to the time we launched our product. As a result, we started brainstorming about where the conversational AI world is heading and how we can help.

This is how the idea of a newer Botanalytics, dubbed v3 internally, came to fruition.

What is different?

The real question could be “what is the same”?

It was hard but essential for us to see the problem we’ve been solving in a new light. We had to ignore our old assumptions, and restart with a beginner’s mind.

First and foremost, all of our metrics are real-time now.

We had to redesign our data processing pipeline from the ground up to achieve this. Furthermore, we came up with a much more efficient and richer way of representing conversational events regardless of the integrated platform.

Bots are now projects, and projects can have any number of channels.

You can add conversation channels to a project and can see the metrics in a unified view or per channel. We think this is more in line with how conversational AI projects are evolving and it allows you to grow intuitively when you decide to utilize a new messaging or voice channel.

Basic metrics, or commodity metrics as we call them, are common in many conversational AI products and even channels. While we provide an overview of them, they are not what we built this company for.

Now, we are positioning Botanalytics as a platform for advanced conversational analytics.

Almost all of our features are new and have a clear business benefit for you. Even the features we previously had, have a fresh look and contain new metrics to help you achieve your goals.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, even if you are starting out or looking for ways to improve your NLP, we have something you can benefit from.

What’s next?

Initially, we are going to launch our new product as a private beta.

During this time, we will continue to maintain our current version, available on our website. But due to the way Facebook handles data, native Facebook integration will stop working on the old version.

If you would like to test our new product, head to our beta page and join the waitlist.

We will accept users in batches, and invite them to our beta community Slack. Early adopters who join the beta, will get access to new features before everyone else and have special discounts after the beta process.

Also, if you have a few minutes, you can fill out our priority access form to get in front of others on our waitlist.

Stay tuned to learn more about our new product, features, and more!

We started brainstorming about where the conversational AI world is heading and how we can help better to allow our users to reach that future.




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